aFile is a lightweight, web-based file manager for storage of files on a server.


Files can be grouped in different, independent, storages. Maybe one for photos and another for documents, or one for each user, or one all-purpose, the choice is yours.

Basic operations

aFile allows you to store and manage files on a server through an easy to use interface that allows for basic file operations such as:

User management

aFile supports multiple users, and each user can have their permissions limited. For example, a certain user may not be allowed to upload files, and is only able to access the storage named "Shared".

A user may be created centrally at aFile.eu and then added to an aFile installation using an API-key, or it can be created locally with a password at the individual installation.


Files are unencrypted by default but can at any time be encrypted using AES-256. Encrypted files are inaccessible to anyone except signed in users with the necessary permissions. However, passwords can be added to encrypted files and shared to people who need to access them.

Short URLs

Files can be shared using shortened URLs. For aFile.eu users this results in a URL that looks like this: afile.eu/u/XXXX. For local users the URL to the aFile installation is used, with a short hash appended.

View and edit files

aFile is able to display the contents of plain text files, markdown, OpenDocument (text documents, presentations and spreadsheets) and source code of various popular programming languages. Text files, markdown and source code may be edited in aFile's text editor.

Other features

Some other features include galleries of pictures, password protection of individual directories and the possibility to download entire directories, including sub-directories, as zip-files. And a lot more.

Here are a few screenshots: http://afile.eu/u/c7f8